Dex vs Ha Seung-jin fight story and interview

Dex vs Ha Seung-jin fight story and interview

In the fourth episode of the OTT platform Wave’s original entertainment show “Blood Game 2,” released on May 5, a nervous battle between Ha Seung-jin and Dex led to a physical clash. Basketball player and YouTuber Ha Seung-jin grabbed Dex (Kim Jin-young-27), a broadcaster from the Navy’s Special Warfare Squadron (UDT), by the throat and got into a physical fight, causing a hot controversy online.

The story of Dex vs Ha Seung-jin

On the May 8, 2023 episode of Blood Game 2, Ha Seung-jin and Dex got into a fight. While Ha Seung-jin was guarding the symbol of the final mansion, Dex caught him off guard and quickly finished the mission.

Dex vs Ha Seung-jin fight story and interview

When Ha Seung-jin lost the game, he became very angry with Dex and acted violently. “You’re a snake,” he says, and then lunges at Dex, resulting in a physical altercation. Dex replied, “Don’t tell me what to do,” and the atmosphere was murderous. Dex responded to Ha Seung-jin’s violent response by lashing out, even though it was a fair play on Dex’s part.

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Interview with Dex and Ha Seung-jin

Ha Seung-jin apologized shortly after the incident. Let’s take a look at their interview afterwards.

Dex Interview Contents

Dex said, “The game was over. I panicked a lot when I was grabbed.” “He was really strong. I took off my clothes. I felt like I was in trouble if I kept going,” he recalled. “I thought he was going to say something and then it would be over, but when I looked into his eyes, he was serious. I thought, ‘I have to be sincere now. I had to be polite because he was my older brother, but I couldn’t stop myself because I was sparking,” he explains.

Ha Seung-jin Interview Contents

Ha Seung-jin said, “I crossed the line. The game was already over within the rules. What I did was outside the rules. This was a real mistake. I felt so sorry for Dex, so I immediately called him back and apologized. I was so excited. I hugged him and apologized profusely.”

He told me to get out, that he wanted to kill me, so I pretended I didn’t hear him and left. Then he called me back and apologized that he made a mistake and that he was sorry. So I apologized for saying something harsh. Then we high-fived.

Dex and Ha Seung-jin profiles

Who is Ha Seung-jin

Ha Seung-jin is a South Korean former basketball player and YouTuber. He is the longest center in the history of South Korean basketball at 6’9″ and 221 pounds. He was selected by the Portland Trail Blazers with the 46th pick in the second round of the 2004 NBA

Ha Seung-jin profile

Draft, making his NBA career the first in Korean basketball history. However, he failed to make it in the NBA and later entered the KBL through the 2008 draft. He was drafted by the KCC Aegis with the first overall pick and became one of the team’s biggest stars and KBL sensations. Since retiring from the game, he has been working as a broadcaster, including on YouTube and as a commentator for terrestrial WKBL broadcasts.

Who is Dex profile

He first became known for his role as the youngest instructor in the second installment of Fake Soldier, and later gained global popularity after appearing in Solo Ops 2. He captured the hearts of most of the female cast members in Solo OG 2 and gained many fans overseas. He has also appeared in Blood Game, Uma Game, MBC Radio Star, MBC Masked King, and Blood Game 2.