Han Sohee direct cam in BTS’s Jungkook music video for ‘Seven’

Han Sohee direct cam in BTS’s Jungkook music video for ‘Seven’

Actress Han Sohee is the leading lady of BTS music video, and she’s making waves. She made her debut in 2016 when she appeared in SHINee’s Tell Me What To Do M/V. Since then, she has appeared in various commercials and music videos, and was eventually signed by an agency to star in dramas. Her first drama debut was as Lee Seo Won in the 2017 SBS drama special “Reunited Worlds.

Han Sohee as the love interest in BTS Jungkook music video

In the midst of a week-long argument with his girlfriend (Han Sohee), Jungkook spends every moment trying to prove his love for her. Even in the midst of a heated argument, even when faced with the prospect of being drowned, even when blown away by a raging storm, Jungkook sings and dances his way through an endless appeal for love. His confident and dignified demeanor makes it clear that he is sincere in his pleas for love, and Han Sohee reaches out her hand to him. The music video ends with the two lovers walking off into the distance, hand in hand.

Han Sohee Real-life Direct Cam

2023.07.01 Departure from Incheon Airport, Korea

Actress Han Sohee, with her innocent eyes, mesmerizing facial expressions and gestures, is showing off her beauty at its peak with her shapely body and edgy styling.

Han Sohee Profile

  • Real Name : Lee Sohee
  • Born: November 18, 1994 (age 26)
  • Nationality : South Korea
  • Physical : 165cm | 47kg | AB type
  • Pet : Marsh
  • Education : Dangu Middle School (Graduated) / Ulsan Girls’ High School Ulsan Girls’ High School (Transfer) / Ulsan Art High School (Art Department / Graduated)
  • Religion : No religion
  • Debut: 2016 SHINee Tell Me What To Do MV
  • MBTI : INFP (However, she recently came out as ENFP.)
  • Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/xeesoxee

BTS Jungkook Han sohee Music Video Scenes

Jungkook Han sohee MV scenes
BTS Jungkook Han sohee
Han Sohee's direct cam in BTS's Jungkook music video for 'Seven'
BTS Jungkook Han sohee MV Scenes

Thank you to Jungkook and Han Sohee

Jungkook said of the music video for “Seven,” “It’s interesting. I think it’s a sensibility that’s hard to find in music videos these days.” “Before filming the music video, we had many meetings with the company and director about how to take this story. We had a lot of fun filming it.”

Afterward, Jungkook watched the music video and reminisced about the filming. “It was awkward to lip sync and act out facial expressions, but I concentrated and did it anyway. I got used to it,” he said.

Jungkook also thanked actress Han So-hee, who plays his love interest in the music video, and singer Rato, who features in the song. “Han Sohee helped me with the role of the heroine, and she helped me a lot. At first, I honestly wondered what I should do, but she was so good at acting because she was a camera person, so I relied on her a bit. I would like to say thank you for helping me do a good job, and I think it came out well thanks to you.”

How Han Sohee became an actress

Han Sohee made her mark through a commercial. She started out as a model, but didn’t have a specific path to becoming an actress.

“I auditioned,” she says.
“I think I just went with the flow rather than dreaming of a specific career in acting.”
“I just followed what I thought was interesting and ended up here.”
“In some ways, I think acting is a job I don’t deserve.”
“The beauty of being an actor is that you get to live someone else’s life for a few months or a few years, and that’s what I find so fascinating and enjoyable.”

Han sohee Profile